When it comes to working on academic assignments, students begin to look for a reliable source that can assist them in completing their assignments. With the increasing trend in freelancing, many fake websites have popped up that only take money from the needy students and do no justice by providing petty writing services. To help students in selecting the better service and avoid fraud we selected a known website WWWritingService to examine its services. We checked the accuracy of the services provided by the website in this review.



Quality of writing is the standards of judging the services of any service provider. We believe that if the service provider completes the assignments properly and before the given deadline, it can diminish any other loophole in the services. However, the assignments completed by WWWritingService are not perfectly done. There were various readability and structural issues on the orders placed by us.  


The website of WWWritingService is a typical example of any static website on the internet. The use of dull colors and mundane theme do not help much in keeping the user’s interest for long. Information is spread across the homepage in a hazy manner, and when scrolled down, too much textual information creates an air of boredom for the user.


The prices proposed by the website are high. A simple 1-page essay of high school placed for 14 days would cost the client almost $13, and the price keeps on increasing with the level and urgency. There are no discount offers for the first time customers. The discounts offered are as low as 5% that are only available after the placement of five orders.


Our experts keenly observed the late deliveries made by this website. This act of delaying overshadows their claims of on-time delivery. WWWritingService should be careful about the time commitment since late deliveries could cost a student his/her position and marks in the class and, in some cases, their academic career.


We would propose some suggestions to improve the overall impression of the website. WWWritingService needs to work on its website layout as well as the delivery process. Amending the errors and improving the quality of the writing would help the website in winning more clients. We would thus rate the website as average.


When providing personal information, the client requires assurance and confidence from the website. But WWWritingService does not provide any such assurance. It asks the customers to take responsibility for their shared information. Further, it asks the consumers not to blame them in case of data leak through unauthorized access.

We also observed the absence of security seals on the page. Hence, it proves that the website cannot be trusted with customer’s sensitive information.


Contacting the customer support at WWWritingService is a time consuming process. Unlike other websites that provide direct access to the support services, the customer has to fill a form about the nature of the query.  This adds to the impatience of most of the clients who have minor queries to get resolved. Moreover, we observed that customer service representatives are in some kind of urgency when attending the customer.


The policy of the website asserts no plagiarism in the content. It claims that it will provide 100% authentic content yet the plagiarism detecting tool as common as Copyscape detected plagiarism on the papers completed by their writers. And the papers returned for revision did not completely get rid of the plagiarized content.