Top 5 Search Engines for Excellent Writing Research


Gone are the days when you could get away with using Wikipedia as a reference in your academic papers. These days, students need to have a more refined approach for writing such papers to get a good enough grade. There is more demand for literature research that can yield top-notch data as well-researched and well-cited paper can lead to better scores.  

All of this requires you to be aware of the finest search engines to conduct proper research. We consider this a great learning opportunity for all those who want to excel as researchers and writers. Keep reading to learn more about the most helpful search engines to find the most authentic references for your research paper.

Created as a tool for integrating scholarly works on the web, Google Scholar has become a center of first-rate research. Students can access free articles, peer-reviewed papers, abstracts, books, and theses, among other useful materials through this platform. Google Scholar is an authentic source of unlimited data for a variety of subjects.

RefSeek may not look like much to an observer due to its simple design, but the search engine comes with a wealth of information.  It pulls scientific results from over one billion web pages, books, and journals, leading to more results from ‘.org’ and ‘.edu’ sites as well as encyclopedias.  It offers the options of direct document searching, thus giving easy access to academic papers and PDFs.

We suggest this search engine for those looking for the latest research, journals, and books on health sciences, veterinary medicine, and psychiatry among other areas of study. At Elsevier, you have various search options, such as ISBN, Title, and Author among others. The site can be used by medical students and health professionals, alike.

iSeek is a superb search engine for administrators, teachers, and students alike. Ask a question or enter search tools or topics, and the site will bring you what you need from various scholastic sources. We suggest you either read PapersHelm reviews or use this search engine for your research writing quests. This is a reliable engine because the data is taken from trusted resources of government and universities.

VADLO is a great search engine for exploring life sciences. Search for tools, protocols, PPTs, forums, and products related to life sciences. PPTs are a wealth of data on medical and biomedical research.

These are some of the important online tools you can access for better academic research. The scholarly journals and articles available on these sites can help you complete your task much better than before. These search engines can allow you to access resources from across the world and score higher on your papers. 

Some of the best search engines we have used in our writing career have been briefed here for your ease. These suggestions should be taken to heart because they can make your academic life much easier. Stay up to date for more insights into the world of academia.