ScholarsInn is an Australian website that delivers academic writing services. The website opens to a dominant white color with hints of blue and orange spread moderately across entire layout. One may think of this website as having a dry appearance, but the usage of a few colors has been favorable for ScholarInn. Their designers have highlighted discounts and tried their best to bring attention to important features by sticking with only two colors!

Moving on, ScholarInn provides essay, research paper and other writing services that include creative writing as well. From various options in knowledge (academic) level to a plethora of deadlines’ option, ScholarInn strives to provide cost-effective solutions in the best way possible.

Now let’s go through a brief yet deep analysis of following features of ScholarsInn that make it best or worst among online academic writing world!



Providing quality on every order is a specialty of ScholarInn. They have a pool of MA and Ph.D. writers to assist them in delivering superb quality every single time. Moreover, their qualified writers have helped them earn the trust of their clients who keep coming back to them for more.

Also, ScholarInn’s impressive tools aid them in delivering optimized and personalized results to maintain their guarantee of supreme quality! From plagiarism-free papers to 24/7 services, they sure know how to deliver superior services!


As mentioned earlier, by restricting entire color scheme to only three colors, ScholarsInn tries to divert users’ attention to various attractive discounts. The only drawback that this website has is ‘constantly-changing banner.’ ScholarInn has shared valuable information on these banners, but they jump to next slide so quickly that we don’t get any time to actually read banners. But the good things is you can click on banner headings to see the banner of your choice.


For the convenience of clients, ScholarInn has shared a detailed pricing chart apart from a price calculator. Although they have shared academic level and deadline, they could have categorized price structure with respect to the type of work too for further convenience.

Their prices fall somewhere in the middle of cheap and expensive, but the delivery of various features mitigates clients’ financial burden. 20% discount, reward shop and ‘refer a friend’ scheme can be employed by clients to lessen the monetary burden.  


Let’s analyze ScholarInn’s delivery feature to see the truth of their claim of timely deliveries. Their shortest deadline starts from 3 hours, and it goes all way to 15 days. Whether you want your paper quickly or after a few days, ScholarInn has various delivery options to facilitate your needs.

Moving on, their 24/7 customer support accompanied with their varying delivery options can help clients from all around the globe from getting exceptional papers on time!


The privacy and security concerns of clients are extremely valid as they provide their sensitive and financial information through an online platform. The lack of security certificates may fool their users into thinking that they do not provide any protection, but all those doubts can be put aside by contacting their 24/7 support staff.

Security measures have been set into place, but they must display their security seals on the website to make their clients feel secure while placing an order for academic writing services. Moreover, ScholarInn pays special attention to maintaining the privacy of clients that use their writing services at any given time.


Quick, experienced and seasoned; these are words we can use to define customer services of ScholarInn. Round the clock customer support is one of the features that users can enjoy for free. Whether it is day or night, their customer representatives are always willing to tackle and provide customized writing solutions. This is not just a claim as we have experienced their support services at an odd time before writing this review to see the truth of their claims.

Every query is dealt professionally, and every writing solution is provided within a time frame to aid clients even further!


The claims of plagiarism are the bane of any writing platform’s existence. But ScholarInn has placed various checks in place to detect unoriginal and plagiarized work. Their MA and Ph.D. writers craft documents from scratch to maintain authenticity. Also, integration of Turn-it-In and Copyscape allows them to detect unoriginal material.


Based on their performance, I think it is safe to say that ScholarInn is an online platform that does what it promises to deliver. From prices, 24/7 support, various features to quality, it seems that they strive to deliver result-oriented services.

To sum it up in one line, ScholarInn is capable of catering academic writing requirements of students regardless of their educational level. They have also earned a good reputation on other review platforms as well.