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Pricing 4.8
Support 4.8
Quality 4.5
Delivery 4.5
Usability 5.3


Price High School$ 12.99 Graduate$ 17.99 Masters$ 18.55 PHD$ 19.55
Discount Off15%
Delivery Urgent6 Hours
Additional Features All Formats Free Cover Page Free Bibliography Free Formatting Unlimited Revisions Plagiarism Reports Special Discounts


Set on a journey to find next big writing firm for your assignments? We’ll make that easy for you. Keeping in mind workload students have to cope with, it’s obvious that time is a rare commodity for most. But when it comes to the selection of and academic firm for your assignments, you should take time out to find most suitable company. Here we have reviewed EssayPanda for you to know if it’s worth consideration.

EssayPanda is a struggling company in the academic writing domain with no-so-appealing ranking or fan base. They provide academic writing services for a broad range of academic documents that primarily include essays, research papers, coursework, and dissertations. With a 15% starting discount at $12.99/Page, they must offer some incredible features if they mean to stay in the competition. Read the review of EssayPanda on following parameters to see if it stands a chance to be your partner in academic ventures.




Quality is never about one or two parameters of an online service. It’s basically about the overall customer experience that decides whether a student is going to trust an online writing service or leave for good. The objective review of EssayPanda on different parameters reveals that their perception of “quality” is different than it should be. For instance, they can deliver good high-school level papers, but the quality is not same for bachelor and doctoral level. Likewise, their response rate is good but inconsistent.


The interface is simple and easy to use, but it’s not understandable why they have designed website merely keeping high-school students in mind (at least it seems so). The website loads to a bluish, cartoonish design that may confuse university scholars into thinking they only facilitate high-schoolers. Other than that, navigation, form submission and order process are simple enough for students to understand. Also, price calculator and order links are present at obvious spots on the website, so students don’t have to waste time finding them.


The price is where EssayPanda needs to improve as their starting price is way too high than most of other academic writing firms. With a high rate of $12/Page and 15% discount, one would expect they might have to offer some really good features, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Unlike other companies that offer free add-ons on top of reasonable rates, EssayPanda doesn't have any mentionable free features for students. As for price calculator, it’s simple to use and helps students calculate their order price in any of given currency formats.


The first rule to deliver a user-friendly service is that it should be based on the preferences of the respective users. In academic writing arena, for instance, access to final files should be easy and quick once the deadline has come. The second rule happens to be the ability of a company to cater urgent assignments. As far as the delivery system of EssayPanda is concerned, they don’t seem to care about any such rule since orders are delivered just on user area (not email) and minimum delivery time is 6 hours.



The security protocols of EssayPanda are not as good as their claims. The claims don’t but buy customers’ protection, unfortunately. This is reason EssayPanda needs to come up with names of security certifications they possess to secure their online platform, servers, and databases.

The confidentiality of students that visit or place an order with EssayPanda is secure as they abide by their commitment of keeping identifiable information away from unauthorized and irrelevant people. There are no reports that would suggest otherwise, rendering EssayPanda a company that respects anonymity rights of their customers.



It’s unfortunate that EssayPanda doesn’t maintain any account on reputable user-review websites so there is no customer feedback that would suggest anything about the quality of their services. However, reviewers have evaluated every aspect of their support service.

EssayPanda offers support services via email, phone calls, feedback form and live chat. The response on the live chat is relatively quick but requires clients to fill an online form. They are courteous on phone calls, but not good problem-solvers. The response rate on emails is not as appreciable because they might even take a day or two to get back to clients.



Plagiarism might not hurt the reputation of a company much (in the short run), but it takes its toll on the reputation of a student whose document is penalized because of plagiarism. Although reviewers confirm that they deliver original documents, they have been involved in activities like spinning, rephrasing which can’t be detected by software (good for students).



The independent evaluation of EssayPanda by certified reviewers suggests that it’s just another writing company in the academic landscape with no praiseworthy features for students. With the standard of services they offer, they might retain few high-school students as customers, but it’s not possible to retain or even attract students from higher educational levels. Not just quality of academic documents, but the response rate of their support team also needs improvement, particularly on emails.



Reviews [3]

  • this is user avatar Aug 21,2017
    Gary D. Rice

    Their services are so messed up, so they decided to mess with my dissertation as well. All I asked them was to come up with just two chapters of my dissertation and deadline was 15 days. Can anyone imagine, they couldn’t handle that. On top of that, they weren’t willing to accept these chapters were bad-quality and couldn’t be added into a dissertation, it’s ridiculous!

  • this is user avatar Aug 31,2017
    Thelma T. Robinson

    Their discount offers are not good, really. I used their services couple of times when I didn’t know much, but then I came to know about such companies that offer up to 50% with good quality. I mean what good is 15% when I can get much more than that. They seriously need to work on their discount offers.

  • this is user avatar Aug 29,2017
    Leonardo M. Pearce

    They are good for nothing. They did well with some of my simple assignments, even delivered them on time but completely failed with a technical assignment (not to mention that assignment cost me my grade) for which I’ll never forgive them. They couldn’t deliver an acceptable assignment on time, let alone a good one.


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