PremierEssay is a writing company that provides academic writing along with technical and business writing services. This writing company promises to be a unique and innovative player in this tough market, but the lack of major elements of its services leaves doubt in one’s mind concerning its performance. 

This company offers the clients with the opportunity to pick their preferred writer (by paying extra money) but whether the orders are assigned to those specific writers or any other available writer is the question mark!   

Let’s analyze, assess and scrutinize their features, performance, security measures, and, of course, their writing quality. 



Providing superior quality is one thing, maintaining that same quality throughout is another. This writing company promises to deliver plagiarism-free papers with the help of its MA/MS and Ph.D. writers only. Moreover, money-back guarantee and tons of other benefits are provided by PremierEssay, but the question is, do they provide such features to maintain high-quality or do they use such feature/claims to capture the attention of unsuspecting clients?

The clients’ reviews about PremierEssay at various platforms are based on the complaints regarding the lack of basic understanding of English language. The rendering of mediocre writing services along with substandard papers puts one under the impression that this company is more concerned with money rather than customer satisfaction. 


To diminish confusion and to maximize conversion, the layout of the website needs to be highly user-friendly. And that seems to be the case with PremierEssay! This website has placed appropriate information in prominent spots. The newer clients will have no problem in finding the ordering form as it is the first thing on the screen. Likewise, the returning customers wouldn’t have any difficulty in finding contact information as, that too, is easily findable on the first page.


Budget-friendly prices accompanied with superior quality are what most writing companies strive to achieve. Where majority fails, a few companies rise unbeatably! Unfortunately, PremierEssay belongs to the former category.

PremierEssay provides the clients to choose from five different currency options. This is a good initiative on their part as it facilitates clients coming from different backgrounds. A 15-pages essay writing task of a bachelor level would cost it the clients a whopping $284.85!


Delivering papers on time is the foundation of such writing services. If any writing company fails to keep their promises of timely delivery, then they are as good as finished! When it comes to PremierEssay, their performance concerning the timely delivery of the orders could be better!

If this writing company dreams of attaining a high position in this business, it needs to work on its turnaround time immediately. As the final delivery is concerned, so sending the files on the client’s user area is a good and a common approach. 


PremierEssay has taken the privacy and security of their clients into consideration and has put up various security measures to protect their clients from unverified access. But these security measures aren’t enough as many major and key security certifications are missing from their website. They accept payment from various mediums but haven’t set up any security process to provide their clients with a protected atmosphere. This writing company lacks the basic security certifications such as Trust Guard’s privacy and security verification seals. This could also mean that the website lacks the basic SSL certificate as well.


Using the art of customer support to influence clients’ decision is a tactic well-used by major companies. On the other hand, PremierEssay seems to have missed the memo. Although their team is quick to respond to the live chat option, they aren’t quick to resolve the issues of their clients on other reviewing platforms.

Many of the unsatisfied customers’ queries and complaints have gone unanswered. No compensations, no rewards, nothing for unsatisfied customers. This is the place where their support team needs to work and achieve maximum client satisfaction.


Coming face to face with plagiarism issues is unavoidable, but the way such incidents are handled can be an important element in one’s journey to success. PremierEssay seems to rectify their mistakes by offering the students to have the plagiarized material reviewed without any extra charges. After the refunding option, this is the best way to amend one’s mistakes!


Overall, the performance of PremierEssay could be better. This statement is coming from the fact that they still need to put various missing security certificates in place. The overall price structure could be lowered to facilitate students coming from different financial backgrounds. And the quality of their writing services can be improved for the betterment!