Students may come across many writing companies when it’s time to get assignments done, but not every company qualifies to provide quality work. You can either choose carefully or choose to gamble on your grades, but if you need help to make a decision, we are right here for you. Our independent review of PapersNow will help students decide if this company worthy of their consideration or not, keep reading!

PapersNow has built its reputation gradually over the years by treating its clients as their success partners. It’s one of the companies that suffered a lot because of negative publicity by the competitors, but the customer base is increasing regardless. PapersNow enjoys the support of hundreds of students worldwide who trust no other company, but PapersNow, when it comes to their assignments.

Let’s see if quality standards and features offered by PapersNow are good enough for students, or they should choose some other company.



Hundreds of companies compete to secure top position in academic writing domain, but PapersNow is a competent company that outshines its competitors in many ways.  Students have many concerns while hiring a writing service. PapersNow resolves every single ambiguity and exceeds expectations with the quality of the document, support, and interface. You can send your most complicated assignments their way, but they won’t disappoint you just as they haven’t disappointed our review team! PapersNow is one of most competent writing firms our team has reviewed.


You might wonder what usability has to do with quality. But when you are running short of time, and a lengthy order form is right there in front to fill to complete the registration process, that’s when you realize how important simplicity of a website can be. The website of PapersNow is good, but order process is even better. Students hardly take 2-3 minutes to enter their details and assignment guidelines. Every option that they might have to use is right there in front of them. That’s a perk of choosing a company with user-friendly interface!


The price structure of PapersNow is budget-friendly, and availability of different discount offers makes it preferable for students who are hardly making ends meet. PapersNow offers 50% discount to all the customers who place an order on the website no matter which academic level they belong to.  Price is not low at PapersNow; it’s insanely competitive! Reviewers also evaluated rates against quality strictly to see if they were compromising on quality with such low rates, but the scenario was otherwise. The quality was better than companies with same quality, but higher rates.


Nearly all competitors of PapersNow send documents to the user area of the client, but none of them is efficient enough to send documents on user area and email both. But is turnaround time good enough for students to place urgent orders? Reviewers had the same question when reviewing PapersNow, and the answer is yes. At PapersNow, you can get your assignment done within 3 hours.


Any writing company can claim to be secure for as long as it wants, but students are not satisfied unless they see a proof of security. Claims, as it turns out, can be wrong. But PapersNow is certified by TrustGuard, a well-known name in the world of online security.

As for privacy, PapersNow offers a confidentiality guarantee to protect students against a security breach. Their support staff is highly trained, and they never share personal information of any client with a third person.


The quality of support services that a company provides determines its reputation. No wonder PapersNow highly prioritizes 24/7 availability of their support representatives. Reviewers have evaluated support at different times via email, live chat, feedback form and phone calls and their response rate stays 99% regardless of communication mode.

Communication is easier with PapersNow. While representatives from other writing companies confine their services only to the resolution of issues, put forward by the client, the representatives at PapersNow go the extra mile to deliver good quality support services.


Plagiarism is to academic documents what a corruption allegation is to any respected person. It destroys the reputation, literally, but with PapersNow you can place an order without authenticity concerns because reviewers have evaluated them on every level. They always manage to deliver plagiarism free papers to the client whether it’s a short essay or a lengthy dissertation.


In a nutshell, PapersNow is a company that any student who has no intention of compromising on grades would prefer. Not many companies offer Moneyback guarantee especially when the quality is so good to be vouched for, but guarantees of PapersNow for confidentiality, timely delivery and satisfaction have got back of students who place an order with them. And, of course, discount offers are a plus that complements the affordable price structure for students.