How Writing can Help in Combating Depression


Writing is taken as a mere obligation that every student must fulfill in his academic career. But do you know that writing helps in overcoming depression? Yes, it is true. Nowadays a lot of people are suffering from mental illness and depression because of high-level stress. Some events and memories are so disheartening that they lead a person towards depression.  Many health professionals are trying to make writing a traditional treatment. According to research, it is proven that writing can help heal depression. WritingServiceReviews provides some insight on this topic.

Treats Trauma

Depression often transforms into trauma. The study reveals if you write about an incident that left a depressing effect on you, then you will recover more quickly. This is therapeutic and improves the mental state of the person suffering.

Articulates Feelings

Expressing or sharing feelings can make us feel much better than before. People who are depressed often use other means to express their emotions like crying, shouting, drinking alcohol or drug intake etc. Writing offers a much healthier solution because it is not an inappropriate and harmful activity. Furthermore, it’s not dangerous for your health at all.

Provides Self-Control

When depressed, getting a grip of yourself becomes too hard. Writing helps to keep your reactions under control. You can write everything you are going through openly on a piece of paper. Once you end up writing, you will start feeling light and at peace. It calms your mind and allows it to look for the solutions. Writing makes you feel mature and potent. This helps in blowing away all the negative thoughts from your mind.

Modifies Perception

Writing can change your perspective completely. You start writing when you feel depressed and it shifts your focus automatically towards hope and happiness. It gives a fresh view of the world and makes you think in a new direction. According to Laura King’s research, writing about attaining your future goals and dreams makes you healthier and happier.

Reduces Stress

Writing is one of the best ways to tranquilize one’s mind. Stress can worsen depression so it is important to control it beforehand. Stress can change your mood and create irritability; therefore, it is necessary to deal with it instead of ignoring it.

Eliminates Negativity

When people wish to pour their heart out onto papers, they scribble and throw away the paper again and again until they settle on the final writing. Research says that this act helps in eliminating the negativity. In most of the cases, it is observed that it gives relaxation to sufferers for a long term.

Writing about any emotional event or memory that made you depressed can be extremely painful at times. It’s not an enjoyable experience; it’s painful. But it has some long-term effects that are quite charming. Research shows that people, who write about their depression report fewer illnesses and recover soon. They also move on in life and become strong enough to fight depression.

When you are writing, you are actually organizing your thoughts.  This helps in showing you a broader picture of the incident that made you depressed. It normalizes your emotions and destroys the cycle of rumination that causes stress.

So, this proves that writing helps you change your mood and thoughts and it can be refreshing. At the same time, it also indicates that every human being is capable of handling and controlling their emotions. There are many methods to fight depression but for students, writing is healthier and effective.

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