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EssayThinker is an online writing platform that provides a number of services ranging from academic writing to technical writing services. Their website opens up to an entirely blue layout that offers what this website has to provide on its Homepage, but mind you; it is not one of those single-pager websites.

EssayThinker promises to provide premium writing services, but up to which extent, that will be assessed in the following categories. Overall, the website seems promising, and one could not help but feel that they may be getting good results by employing their services. Moving on, their website may seem like that they only provide essay writing services (courtesy of their name), but they facilitate their customer by rendering academic writing services as well. Moreover, if you need business writing services, EssayThinker might be the place to go to as they provide business, professional and eCommerce writing as well! But the question is would you still want to prefer EssayThinker’s writing services by the end of this review? It is the Time to find out!



EssayThinker claims to be the only essay writing service you will ever need, but judging from the tons of reviews left on various reviewing platforms; you may want to opt for some other online writing services. Based on observation of independent reviewers, and dummy order placements, EssayThinker failed to provide reliable writing services to many of its customers. Although there were a few, who praised their services, many of them complained about how their writers failed to deliver the quality EssayThinker promised them initially.


If we were a ‘Website Layout Reviewing Platform,’ EssayThinker would have secured the highest score! One quick look at their website is enough for many customers. Their developers designed a website layout that is convenient, simple yet effective at the same time. As mentioned earlier, it is not a single-page website, but most of the content can be found on their homepage. All the important information is at the appropriate places and the tabs which mean that their customers wouldn’t have to spend a long time to find their contact information or order form.

All in all, their website layout is convenient at best as all the important bits and pieces are there to be found easily!


Now, time to break down their pricing department, piece by piece. EssayThinker has provided different currency options, which isn’t seen on many websites. Moreover, their prices vary by various factors, but they need to work on it as they are quite expensive. For a 15-page bachelor’s level academic essay, they demand $284.85, which is by far the most expensive price rates we have come across.

Moving on, their discount facility is in dire need of improvement. Apart from providing a 15% discount on the first orders, the client will be stuck with heavy prices if their next order fails to reach $400. At a staggering $400 writing bill, they provide a trivial 5% discount, at $600 EssayThinker gives a 10% discount and so on.


The order delivery department of any website is better judged by visiting other reviewing platforms or by placing a dummy order. To better rate EssayThinker’s performance, we carried out both the actions and realized that; their delivery section requires improvement for their clients’ betterment. The normal delivery of the orders is via the user area that the clients have created on their website. Although their support staff was helpful, EssayThinker’s writers failed to conduct appropriate research, gather data and compose order on time.

Nothing harms your reputation more than failing to deliver the orders on time, and this is where EssayThinker needs to work if they want to survive within this tough market environment.


The privacy and security of clients are the only things where EssayThinker has paid extreme attention. EssayThinker has integrated TrustGuard security system that will protect the information of clients. EssayThinker has provided its clients with a safe environment where payments can be made, and sensitive information can be transferred without any doubts.

Moving on, they have defined separate pages for the disclaimer, terms of use and privacy policy which dictates the behavior of the clients and ensures their privacy. Moreover, we advise all the customers to thoroughly read EssayThinker’s working policies beforehand to avoid any distasteful experience.

EssayThinker has discussed the security of the clients in a small section that is well hidden in the ‘Evaluate’ page. So, it’s better for customers to go to someplace safe, where they can see what they are putting themselves up for, before providing them with their personal information.

Customer Support

By judging the overall features, the Customer Support is the only department of EssayThinker that is working well, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any room for improvement. Their customer service is quick to handle issues in the best way possible, but they still need to brush up their communication skills. Various comments on tons of reviewing websites have gone unanswered. Their support department failed to provide quick solutions to their customers who are already dissatisfied with their performance.

EssayThinker needs to justify the promises made on their website, because not the words, but practical actions matters. EssayThinker needs to provide dissatisfied clients with some rewards for turning them into a loyal customer.


EssayThinker promises to deliver 100% original and authentic papers to its clients. The integration of various systems has allowed them to identify and eliminate plagiarized passages in the best way possible. Although they have integrated various tools, they aren’t safe from the plagiarism, as many of the documents done by their writers were plagiarized.


EssayThinker is an academic writing service that is in dire need of improvements. Although they deserve a pat on the back for designing a website that is convenient and user-friendly, EssayThinker needs to work on its services’ quality, prices, and their delivery system. Their fastest turnaround time is 18 hours, which is not suitable for a myriad of student looking for a quick delivery system.

Since EssayThinker is not providing exceptional quality on the orders; their high prices may seem like a deal breaker for many students. Overall, to make your mark in this tough writing market, EssayThinker needs to bring a considerable amount of improvements in all of its departments.