EssaysVertex is an online writing service that provides top-quality writing to both students and professionals alike. The name is trusted by thousands of people, and that is why many students also label it as the top essay writing service. Our reviewers studied the website and looked for reasons like why it is deemed as one of the most affordable writing services but at the same time also of high-quality. Our reviewers have reviewed hundreds of websites, but we understand that quality comes at a price that is often unaffordable for students.

Many online portals focus on earning through their services, but the quality is often not there. Fortunately, that is not the case with EssaysVertex. Our reviewers found the service to be very thorough as well as well-managed. The customer service is available round the clock, and they have answers to all the questions that are directed towards them. EssaysVertex is a service that is here to stay and is setting new trends as to how a writing service should operate.



Our experienced team of reviewers tested the quality of documents delivered by EssaysVertex, and they have only praise for them. The best essay writing service provided a consistent quality in every paper, and they ensured that all the orders, irrespective of the urgency of the deadline, were delivered with absolute quality. In addition to writing, the formatting and referencing styles were also perfect. We did not have to get any follow-ups on the orders since the EssaysVertex’s team ensured that the client was updated at each stage.


The first thing our reviewers notice on a website is how usable is it. If a website is not easy to navigate, and the user has to search for a specific option, then the customers will get distracted, and their interest will also shift. But the website’s UX/UI is something EssaysVertex had really worked on. The website is very easy to use and can be navigated without any problem. In case any problem is encountered at the time of order placing or making payments, this efficient customer support is just a message away as they are always available.


Our reviewers expected the prices to be very high since the quality and the overall services are of superior quality. But it turned out to be one of the most affordable writing services available on the internet. The occasional discounts that are offered on the website make your purchase even more worthwhile. Our reviewers placed orders for thesis, dissertation, and essays, each time they were offered extra discounts at the time of checkout. So we declare it a very student-friendly writing platform.


If the work is of top-quality but not delivered on time, all the hard work and efforts go to waste. It is important that the online writing website that you chose is highly punctual in delivering the assignments. In the past, WSR has reviewed several websites that have amazing features, but they lacked punctuality. Our reviewers found that EssaysVertex always delivers orders on time with guaranteed quality.

–           Privacy & Security

Since customers are involved in the process of ordering, it is important to safeguard their private information. Most customers trust the company with their financial information as well, which can be easily manipulated. Our reviewers tested EssaysVertex by trying to pry confidential information from the customer representatives and by also manipulating the website but to no success. All the features of the website are well protected, and the representatives are trained not to give away information. Our reviewers guarantee that your information will remain safe with them and not shared with any third-party user.

–           Customer Support

This is another feature that EssaysVertex takes the lead in. the customer support for the website is unmatched. All other features are also praiseworthy, but this is one thing that will stand out for anyone who uses this website or service. Online business work on the basis of customer satisfaction; it is crucial for them to listen to the customers to find solutions to their problems. EssaysVertex has trained its representatives in such a way that they remain cool under all circumstances and listen to what the customer has to say. WSR tested them by being rude and inconsiderate, but they kept their calm all the time.

–           Plagiarism

Even if the work is completed on time and is submitted back to the customer but has traces of plagiarism, then it only brings a bad reputation to the company, and customers lose the trust. Plagiarism is a red flag when it comes to writing service, and that is why any service providing accused of plagiarized content will never be published on this platform. EssaysVertex has very strict policies about plagiarism, and that is why their reviewers check each document through many premium and authentic tools. We reviewed the orders that EssaysVertex did for us; after thorough testing, no plagiarism was found in any of the documents.

–           Overall

There are a number of factors that distinguish a good service from other mediocre ones. But consistency in results will take a good service and make it extraordinary. If a company pays attention to customer feedback, they have a chance at improving at an unimaginable pace. EssaysVertex takes customer responses very seriously, and that is why their services are unmatched.