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A website should stand out to attract visitors and to make them customers. A writing website shouldn’t have the fanciest interface, but it should have a highly usable interface. The order forms and all the information provided on the website should be obvious so that the client should not have to face any difficulty. With AuthenticAssignments, the order form took only a few seconds to fill, and similar was the payment process. The usability is great, and working is smooth.


A student is almost always on a very tight budget. He has to work and juggle several things, so a writing service should be very affordable. They should not overcharge, which most of the online websites do. This affordable writing service is a blessing for all the students who want to have quality and want affordability. The reviewers also observed that discounts are also offered almost always.


There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on online assignments if they cannot be delivered on time. WSR has reviewed many websites that fail to deliver the work on time and then later refuse to refund as well. AuthenticAssignments ensured that all the assignments were delivered well before time, and in case of any delays, additional discounts are offered to students. His doesn’t get any better than this; WSR highly recommends this website.

–           Privacy & Security 

It is important to go through the privacy policies of any web portal you are using, especially if you are providing your financial information. WSR pays special attention and goes through the policies to know if any loopholes be alter used against the customer. AuthenticAssignments has a foolproof system when it comes to the privacy of the client information. All the information is kept confidential is not shared with any third parties for any reason. SSL encryption and TrustGuard are two seals that guarantee that all the information will be kept safe and secure.

–           Customer Support 

In today’s age of technology, it is important to show your best to the customers to retain them WSR has reviewed several websites where the customer support was abysmal, and even if the services were good, they were unable to retain the customer. This is how bad customer support can impact the business. Our reviewers tested the customer support team of AuthenticAssignments and found that they were always on the client’s side. The best customer support representatives always give the impression that they are on the client’s side.

–           Plagiarism 

Plagiarism is the last thing that is expected in a paper that you have spent a good amount of money on, and this is also non-negotiable. Several websites on the internet provide content that is not original and is not spun using online tools. This doesn’t work in the academic or professional fields and can cost careers if strict action is taken. AuthenticAssignments have good writers that make sure that no assignment submitted has even traces of plagiarism. All the work that was submitted back was free from any sort of plagiarism.

–           Overall 

AuthenticAssignments is a website that has been quite popular with the students lately. This isn’t a very old website, but with its consistent quality and punctual delivery, it has become a hot favorite in a very limited time. The best assignments are accompanied by complete formatting, proofreading, and grammatical accuracy. This platform ensures that your assignment, when delivered to you, is ready to be submitted as it is without the slightest need to change or to tweak. AuthenticAssignments has proved to be the best essay writing service that is affordable and yet perfect with quality.